The taste for innovation is the driving force behind our creations.


Armed with this passion, the world of PROVA invites you to journey deep into the heart of its flavourings and explore its unique know-how. It is also an invitation to meet the men and women who have made PROVA the strong and successful business it is today.

USING THE RICHEST QUALITY RAW MATERIALS, pure and organic, PROVA has drawn from the best that nature has to offer.

UNIQUE EXTRACTION TECHNIQUES, in order to optimally extract the essence from its raw materials, the PROVA extracts and flavourings adapt to the application they are intended for.

SPECIAL FLAVOUR CREATIONS, open to technological innovations and to the world’s different cultures, the flavourists create and develop flavours recognised for their authenticity. Olfactory and taste nuances blend harmoniously to tell a new tale every single time.


PROVA’s expertise is expressed first and foremost through the excellence of its sourcing. Only a good knowledge of the growing area and a relationship of trust with its producers can guarantee optimal product quality. Together with an ongoing commitment to identify and secure the very finest raw materials, PROVA has an in-depth knowledge of its producers which whom solid partnerships have been forged over the years

This huge supply volume makes PROVA one of the world largest importers of vanilla beans and makes a major contribution to the quality assurance and competitiveness that PROVA owe to its clientele.


Technology enhancing flavour creation

In order to optimally extract the essence from its raw materials, PROVA has devised extraction techniques ideally suited to the products they are intended to flavour. It is this unique technological diversity that constitutes the strength of PROVA and sets it apart from the competition.

PROVA is the third largest vanilla extracting company in the world, ensuring it a leading position in its specialist areas.


More than just flavours, brand new creations.

A flavouring is a mixture of compounds that are the source of the taste and aromas. PROVA’s role is to find the best balance between the flavouring substances which have varying levels of volatility.


There are a myriad of different flavourings and their inherent nuances make tasting into a game of infinite combinations. At PROVA, we make good use of our sensory experiences, our solid knowledge of all raw materials and a healthy dose of creativity and curiosity when formulating an individual new flavouring or a new range of flavours. Olfactory and taste nuances blend harmoniously to tell a new tale every single time.

Flavourists and application engineers, all sensory experts, work together to tempt our tastebuds… for example to create a new flavouring, conceal an undesirable note, alter the sensory profile of a product by changing its signature.



They are responsible for extracting vanilla, responsible for sensory evaluations , laboratory manager, flavourist or pastry chef at PROVA ... and they all have a story to tell . Focus on the words of our experts.