our Expertise
Driven by passion, the world of PROVA is an invitation to discover its unique know-how. It's also a meeting with men and women who are as passionate as they are creative, and who make us unique and strong.

Sourcing expertise

A supply of excellence

PROVA has long been committed to sourcing the best ingredients from the 4 corners of the world.

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Excellence Extraction

Technology at the service of taste

To best capture the essence of its raw materials,
PROVA has devised innovative extraction techniques.

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Audacity Innovation

The heart of our approach

A taste for innovation to create unique flavors, for the pleasure of our customers, but also respectful of the environment.

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Aromatic Creation

More than aromas, original creations

An aroma is a mixture of compounds responsible for taste and smell. Our mission is to find the best balance between the different profiles of aromatic ingredients.

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Sublimating Taste l'Atelier

The Atelier's mission is to bring our aromatic creations to life in gourmet creations: pastries, cookies, chocolate, drinks...

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Customer Experience

Listening and customized solutions

Every customer is unique, which is why we strive to tailor our solutions and services as closely as possible to your needs.

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Studies and Trends

Discovering the flavors of tomorrow

Analyzing trends, gaining a better understanding of the world's cultures and consumers, tracking technological innovations: these are the main missions of our Research department.

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