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L'Atelier's mission is to bring our aromatic creations to life in gourmet creations such as pastries, biscuits, chocolate and beverages.
pastries, cookies, chocolate, beverages... L'Atelier also offers a fresh look with collections featuring original concepts,
often inspired by the greatest pastry chefs, to make them accessible to all.

Expert expert

Christophe VicenteChefPâtissier and Applications Technician

  Blending an extract in its environment is a science full of mysteries.
In fact, there are rules, customs and learned recipes that require special attention to respecting notes, bouquets and alliances. Various extraction technologies are used well upstream to obtain tailor-made extracts, adapted to the incorporation media. When applied, they take on different accents according to the resonances they establish with the materials. In a well-mastered application, aromas are confirmed and amplified, and new nuances in taste are discerned, with more open evolutionary notes. Perceived from within, aromas take on a new balance, a new richness.

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