Universe beverage
The beverage world encompasses all your flavored drinkable pleasures. From the added syrups to hot drinks, flavored milks, and alcoholic beverages PROVA’s sweet brown flavors offer a taste in them all.

Coffee extracts

With a wide range of aromatic profiles (roasted, bitter, etc.), origins (Brazil, Colombia) and certifications (Organic, Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance), our coffee extracts will meet all your needs. Easy to use, they are immediately dispersed in your beverage, whether in syrup, beverage or liqueur.

Cocoa extracts & flavors

The use of cocoa powder in beverages can give rise to technical challenges, such as sedimentation or cloudiness at beverage. Our natural cocoa extracts and flavours have a solubility adapted to the world of beverage including syrups, and at low dosage reinforce the authentic taste of cocoa or chocolate. You'll be able to add a unique signature to your products, with more gourmet or full-bodied profiles.

Gourmet notes

The Indulgent range offers flavors with a solubility compatible for drinks and syrups. Vanilla, cotton candy, rum, hazelnut and more, our range allows you to flavor your drinks with limitless creativity.


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and find the unique flavor signature for your new products.

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