Confectioneries can take on many shapes and sizes and flavors in these creations can seem endless. Pair your sweets with our playful and imaginative flavors and experience the world of confectioneries.

Delectable notes

Take PROVA’s rich dessert flavors and pair them into your sweets! From a creme brulee flavored marshmallow to an apple pie flavored candy, our indulgent flavor range will inspire your confectionery goals!

Dairy notes

PROVA’s range of natural dairy flavors lend to an overall balanced mouthfeel and buttery notes – ideal for those plant-based candies that maybe lacking creaminess.

Cocoa extracts & flavors

Traditional cocoa powder may not be ideal in applications that require cooking at high heat, due to properties that may burn and bring bitter and unpleasant notes. PROVA’s cocoa extracts and flavors offer excellent heat resistance, allowing you to flavor your candies, especially boiled sugars.

Our extracts & flavors tailored to your needs

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