The beverage world encompasses all your flavored drinkable pleasures. From the added syrups to hot drinks, flavored milks, and alcoholic beverages PROVA’s sweet brown flavors offer a taste in them all.

Coffee extracts

Coffee extracts offer a strong taste and disperse easily into your drink – making this a sought-after use often over traditional coffee. Gain the flavor of coffee into your syrup, plant-based drink, or liqueur.

Cocoa extracts & flavors

Issues with sedimentation or cloudiness with traditional cocoa powder? Struggle no more – experience PROVA’s natural cocoa extracts and flavors providing a solubility adapted to fix this problem while providing the authentic, full-bodied taste you desire.

Indulgent tastes

The Indulgent range offers flavors with a solubility compatible for drinks and syrups. Vanilla, cotton candy, rum, hazelnut and more, our range allows you to flavor your drinks with limitless creativity.

Our extracts & flavors tailored to your needs

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