Our flavoring trends for 2023!

Our flavoring trends for 2023!

Through its “Flavor Trends for 2023” report, the PROVA team invites you to explore 10 brown notes, currently on the rise, that will delight your taste buds. This trend report is in addition to our megatrends for this year “10 Trends for a Flavorful Year 2023”. This year, hot beverage-inspired notes are particularly in the spotlight, including tea and coffee, as well as the many flavor combinations that accompany these tastes. 

ZOOM on coffee: 

Traditional and regional coffee recipes are popular, in their country of origin, but also in other countries where they can be seen as “exotic” treats. For example, if Irish Coffee is a typical beverage recipe from Ireland, it has become a popular taste globally. This is also true for the British Dirty Chai Latte or the Flat White from Australia. As the Korean culture tends to become more influent, the Meringue Coffee from South Korea could become increasingly popular in the coming years. Some coffee recipes are less famous at a global scale, but they could be a good source of inspiration to innovate, such as the Mustang coffee from Nepal, the Ca Phe Trung from Vietnam, as well as the south African Kula or the Argentinian Lagrima. Some of these regional coffees are also seasonal treats, such as the American Pumpkin Spice Latte, particularly popular during the Halloween period. 

ZOOM on tea : 

As with coffee, tea is available in many forms around the world, particularly in Asia, as illustrated by Japanese Matcha Tea, Chinese Green Tea, Thai Tea in Southeast Asia or Chai Tea in India. In Europe, Earl Grey Tea, a combination of black tea and bergamot, is also a must in the world of hot drinks. 

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