Our flavor trends for Spring & Easter 2023

Our flavor trends for Spring & Easter 2023

Spring is a time of rebirth. Each year, it brings new seasonal products, especially during the Easter holidays, a key time for confectionery. In this report, we present the flavors for this time of the year, as well as product innovations that have caught our attention. 

Several flavors can be associated with spring, especially anything that evokes rabbits, like the Carrot Cake flavor, for example. Soft and sweet flavors are favored during this season, such as meringue or white chocolate. For Easter, flavors from the world of confectionery can be appropriate, such as Cotton Candy, Marshmallow and Bubble Gum. 

Spring & Easter in different cultures 


Each region celebrates spring in its own way. In Japan, spring is particularly celebrated, through the “Hanami” custom. The word “Hanami”, which can be translated as “looking at the flowers”, refers to the spring custom of appreciating the beauty of cherry blossoms: for the Japanese, it is an opportunity to gather under the cherry trees to contemplate their beauty and spend a convivial moment. 


Holland is known as the land of tulips, which bloom between mid-March and mid-May. It is estimated that 7 million bulbs bloom then, turning the country into a colorful ocean. Spring and tulips are also a source of inspiration for new seasonal products, such as chocolate tulips.


France has 17 million households buying Easter chocolates and the turnover for Easter chocolates has reached 282 million € in 2022. According to analysts, the 2023 Easter season is expected to see a return to growth, after previous editions that were impacted by various crises. According to the figures published by FERRERO in 2021, “egg hunting” accounts for 39% of Easter chocolate consumption in the French market, with the rest of the budget split between sharing (37%), trophies (14%) and self-consumption (10%). 


American consumers are placing increasing importance on Easter, as evidenced by a 40% increase in spending over the past decade. As a result, spending for the 2023 Easter campaign in the U.S. is expected to reach $24 billion across all categories. Indeed, this figure is not limited to the candy category, but also includes spending on holiday meals, gifts, clothes, decorations, flowers and greeting cards.