Estelle LEGAL, Formulation project manager

Estelle LEGAL, Formulation project manager

  • What’s your job?

I have been a formulation project manager since 2017 at PROVA based in Sarzeau.

  • What are your daily missions?

Unlike the aromatic laboratory, which develops taste, in Sarzeau, we are in charge of formulation when it is necessary to carry out more advanced tests, we are concerned with the appearance of the product, its texture and its stability (when there is a doubt about the physical or bacteriological stability for example).

We are also in charge of the research of new supports, new technologies etc… We also develop new methods to facilitate the formulation or methods to better control our finished products (accelerated aging method, formulation matrix).

  • What do you like about your job?

I like working on natural products. The work is also very varied, the weeks are always different. We are always looking to improve and discover new innovations to best meet the customer’s specifications. I also like it when the finished products are on the market and that the methods developed facilitate the daily work.

  • What is your leitmotiv and your philosophy?

My philosophy is to respond as best as possible to customer requests, always trying to find a solution. I like it when people share their ideas to move forward.

My leitmotiv: always surpass yourself.

  • What advice would you give to new recruits?

To be curious and not to hesitate to try new things.