Our Values
Our corporate values are built on our shared history. We are purveyors of history, and we are bold, agile and passionate.

is our founding principle

We are bold and move forward with a responsible sense of freedom. Our freedom to act enables us to create, do business and make an active contribution to everyone’s success.

is our lifeblood

We are passionate about our jobs; we are conscientious and know that the quality of our work hinges on the work delivered by an entire team.

is our style

We are agile, and we take initiative and get to the point. We work together in a fluid way, and we meet our clients’ expectations in
a relevant and efficient manner, exceeding their expectations.

Passing on our knowledge
is our hallmark

We are growing responsibly by building our knowledge and expertise, and by developing our people and life skills. Our hearts are set on passing on our knowledge and values to the people who come after us.

our Mission

To know how to extract the essentials to delight our customers’ customer, by extracting the best from our raw materials, offering tailor-made products, and helping our employees grow with confidence, and empowering and giving them the freedom to act.

our Ambition

To become the natural choice of sweet brown extracts and flavors in the world, and in the hearts and minds of our customer.

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