our Commitments

Care & Act,
two strong verbs of our CSR approach:

Care is our benevolent intention. As a company with a human face, we cultivate a sense of agility and transmission to take care of our employees, our customers and partners. But also of our products and the planet. Together, from Madagascar to France, we preserve the essentials!

Act it’s our way of doing things. We strive to act concretely, with boldness and passion, in the spirit of developing sustainable activities.Together, we build the essential.

Extracting the best from nature
and our know-how, because we have...
a Taste for Products

Delighting our customers' customers.
It's the search for authenticity, the concentration of our know-how to extract the essential, the best from nature. This is reflected in our desire to create products from raw materials sourced from more responsible agriculture, integrating the principles of traceability, and moving towards greater naturalness.
Because it's our passion and our commitment.

Building solid, supportive partnerships,
because we have...
a taste for others

We build strong and supportive relationships with our customers, suppliers, service providers and institutional partners on a daily and long-term basis. It is also our desire to integrate ourselves constructively in the regions where we operate, and to support local communities.

We are committed to grow together.

Passing on through the generations
the culture of a company where life is good,
because we have...
the Taste of Our Own

Our corporate culture comes to life daily as a catalyst for individual expression and creation of shared value. It is about promoting a participative spirit of co-creation by ensuring the growth and development of our employees. Each employee rewards us with their uniqueness by expressing their talents through responsible freedom.

We see our company as a human adventure in which everyone is proud to participate.

Preserving the Earth and humankind,
because we have...
a Taste for Life

We can reduce our impact on the environment and help preserve the biodiversity by taking care and taking action for a better world. We do this through the sustainable management of our natural resources and the optimization of our production, transportation and consumption methods.

Because we love and celebrate life.

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