Aromatic Creation

The creative range of PROVA flavors

New recipes are born from our sensory experiences. Our excellent knowledge in raw materials, creativity, and curios way of thinking, along with many different flavors nuances make tasting a game of infinite combinations. Complexity of taste and smell mingle harmoniously together to tell us a new story each time.

Custom creations 

Close to you, our teams of flavourists develop solutions tailored to your needs,
while bringing you the essentials: taste and a unique aromatic signature.

Expert expert

Fabienne Clément R&D Director, Aromatic Creation

  Flavor is a living component. It will react to the ingredients on which it is applied. A change in fat, a different sugar level, a specific heat treatment are all parameters that can influence the final taste of the flavor. This is why having a flavor specialist and an application technician working together is so precious.

Élodie Giret Applications and Sensory Analysis Laboratory Manager

   Sensory analysis is essential for our R&D, marketing and quality teams. In fact, it is an analytical approach that allows us to determine differences, define the aromatic profile of a food product or a flavor, and understand consumer preferences. This is the scientific expertise that we hope to share with our customers.

The Aromatic Wheel? 

Because the world of flavors is complex, we have created a tool that allows us to share with the subtleties of our brown flavors with our customers. The implementation of a unique vocabulary, based on different descriptors classified by major families (vanilla, cocoa, coffee, etc.) and tailored to our aromatic universe, allows us to find a way to communicate in a much more simple and concrete manner with our customers. It is also a way for them to easily describe and remember the subtleties, emotions and sensations associated with each of our brown flavors. This common and standardized language, composed of various flavoring substances, allows us to train our R&D teams and our expert panel throughout the year.

Teams around the world

PROVA is a network of 7 laboratories around the world with trained panelists and experts ready meet market demands when it comes flavor profiles and preferences. We also have a sensory analysis laboratory that uses data collection and a statistical analysis software. This sensory expertise allows us to better understand our customers’ demands, restore a visual flavor profile, position a product in relation to other products on the market, and evaluate the perception of our flavors.

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