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This year, for the OXFAM Trailwalker 21st & 22nd may 2016 edition, our two PROVA teams of walkers have risen to the challenge by walking 100 km. This time they have broken the record by doing it in less than 25 hours!

• The Team “Mr Beans & their Vanilla girl” made up of Alessandra, Philippe, Gwenou et Christian finished in “23 hours, 57 minutes and 27 seconds”. Rankings: 15 out of 252.

• The Team “Adventurers & their Chocolate girl” made up of Ian, Arnaud, Séverine et Pierre finished in “24 hours, 47 minutes and 12 seconds”. Rankings: 19 out of 252.

Approximately 147 000 steps and 11 700 calories burnt! The walkers really pushed their physical and psychological limits! Through the energy, the time spent, the attendance, the enthusiasm and the smiles, every single one of the supporters has shown boundless solidarity towards the walkers.

The courage and perseverance made it possible to collect funds in favour of the VDB association, in order to improve the economical & social program in Madagascar maximizing nutrition, health care and education in the villages.

Even if you have not been part of this walk, you can still contribute in improving the everyday life of the vanilla farmers by making a donation on the association page by clicking on this link.

PROVA thanks everyone who has taken part of this incredible human adventure.