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Valentine’s Day Recipe : Chocolate Roses


Valentine’s Day Recipe : Chocolate Roses

Valentine’s Day is here and you need some ideas? Why not create beautiful and tasty Chocolate Roses which will be perfect for this special day..


  • 320gr of white Chocolate
  • 190gr of glucose syrup
  • 1.5gr of soy lecithin (optional)
  • Flavors (Red Velvet, Cotton Candy, Matcha Tea..)
  • Food flavoring


1) Start by melting the white chocolate at Bain marie at a temperature around 40°C or with your microwave.

2) Heat the glucose syrup in a pan in order to also reach a temperature around 40°C.

3) Mix the glucose syrup and soy lecithin with your melted white chocolate in order to obtain an homogeneous mixture.

4) Add flavors and food coloring according to your personal taste.

5) Cover it up and let it rests during one night in your fridge. The next morning, knead your paste to make it softer.

6) Start modeling your Rose by cutting small pieces of your paste into spheres that you will flatten between 2 plastic sheets in order to create the petals. Then, slowly wrap each petal around a support to create your perfect chocolate rose.

Don’t hesitate to also use green food coloring to create the stem and leaves. With a Matcha Tea flavor, it’s delicious!

You can keep this chocolate up to two months at room temperature, just cover it with clingfilm.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Prova!