The vanilla range


PROVA, a world leader in vanilla extraction

Since 1946, PROVA’s history has been intimately linked to vanilla. At first our sole specialty, it grew steadily along the years, making PROVA one of the major players in the vanilla extraction industry.

The core of Prova's specialities

Inspired by a long tradition of myths and legends, vanilla, the queen of spices, continues even today to evoke desire, and is still the most popular and well-loved spice on all five continents.

Our vanilla beans come mainly from Madagascar, the number one worldwide producer of the finest BOURBON qualities. The Comoros, Uganda, India, Papua New Guinea and Tahiti are among our other sources of supply.

Our Vanilla extracts

They provide the authentic taste of vanilla, along with application specific features:

oil-soluble and thermostable: fit for chocolate, bakery, and confectionery.

milk-soluble: fit for ice cream and dairy products.

water-soluble: fit for beverages and water systems.

Our Vanilla flavours

Provarom is the portfolio of our compound vanilla flavours: natural, WONF, synthetic, natural and artificial…, offering different vanilla flavour profiles, tailored to each market’s cultural specificities and legislation.

PROVANIL vanillin and ethyl vanillin replacement solution, now with a natural product range extension. Thanks to a unique technology of a fat soluble vanilla oleoresin coating, the provanil range is specially designed for all applications in high fat systems and/or products undergoing heat exposure during the production process.

Our vanilla sugars and powders

Vanilla sugar: the iconic recipe, very first vanilla product developed by PROVA, now it is a whole product line with di erent carriers, concentrations, tastes, also available in organic.

Sheer vanilla powder: ground vanilla beans of di erent qualities, particle sizes.

Vanilla specs exist in two versions: exhausted vanilla seeds and exhausted vanilla beans powder.