The cocoa range


An outstanding flavour complement

America, back to the Mayan Empire, it was until the start of the 16th century that cocoa was introduced to the royal courts of Europe. Today chocolate accounts for one of the top 3 most popular flavours worldwide

Our cocoa comes from West Africa, mainly Ivory Coast and Ghana, and are processed into a powerful and highly aromatic extract.

PROVA, a pioneer in cocoa extraction

Since 1985, we have been exploring beyond chocolate, improving and enlarging our product line, offering a compelling cocoa extender for chocolate containing products.

Our PROCAO extracts & flavours

They provide a wide palette of chocolate tastes: milk, dark, white, combinations of chocolate and aromas such as toffee, nut, vanilla… with the following benefits:

• Enhancing chocolate taste: our unique high yield technologies produce concentrated extracts. More powerful than cocoa powder, PROCAO extracts and flavours are used to enhance/extend cocoa and chocolate taste in many applications: compounds, bakery, confectionery, cereals, dairy, nutritional food and beverage etc.

• Improving chocolate profile: most of our flavours contain a part of extract, guaranteeing genuine chocolate profiles and masking off notes.

• Bringing functionality: by helping to reduce the amount of cocoa powder, foodstuffs gain improved consistency, reduced dry matter and viscosity, better whipping capabilities, lower powdery mouth feel, longer shelf life.