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PROVA’s recipe for a perfect Candlemas


PROVA’s recipe for a perfect Candlemas

This Thursday,  February 2nd it’s the day of Candlemas 2017! This celebration which dates back to the Romans became a french Gastronomic tradition where everyone eats Crêpes! For this occasion our Chef, Christophe Vicente, has created a delicious Vanillas Crêpes recipe using our Vanillas, and trust us, you’ll fall in love with it..

Ingredients for 6 people :

  • 300gr of flour
  • 60gr of melted butter
  • 3gr of salt
  • 60gr of PROVA Vanilla Sugar
  • 600ml of milk
  • 40ml of water
  • 30gr of PROVA Gourmet Tahitensis Vanilla Extract
  • 20gr of Rum or Grand Marnier (optional)

Start by pouring the flour into a big salad bowl.

Add the salt, PROVA Vanilla Sugar and the eggs.

Mix it with a whisk, starting with the eggs and then gradually, the flour.

While you blend, slowly add half  of the milk until the flour is fully absorbed.

Then you can add the rest of milk while still whisking your mix so it will be completely homogeneous.

Pour your PROVA Gourmet Tahitensis Vanilla Extract, the water, and mix it well.

Finally, add the melted butter, mix it one last time and let it rest for at least one hour before cooking.

One hour later, start heating your favorite frying pan, and when it’s hot enough, rub a small piece of butter and then pour using a ladle. For better looking Crêpes spread it all over the entire circumference of your frying pan.

When the top of your crêpe isn’t liquid anymore it’s time to flip it! You can use a spatula or you can try on your own, but be careful with your ceiling…

Well, now it’s time to enjoy your tasty Vanillas Crêpes with your favorites toppings!

Happy Candlemas from all Prova Team !