Fusing tradition and modernity, PROVA invites you to journey deep into the world of its flavourings and discover the excellence of its flavour creations.

PROVA'S great adventure

Founded in 1946, PROVA is first and foremost the story of a family business that, thanks to the passion and expertise of its teams, continues to enhance the profile of its unique positioning as the “expert in sweet brown flavourings” within the food industry. Vanilla, Cocoa, Coffee and a large palette of Gourmet notes stand as the standard-bearers. Merging the olfactory and technical worlds led to the idea for an aromatic palette that has developed and extended over time.

"Savoir extraire l’essentiel"

More than just a signature, a desire to reveal the core of its activity, extracting what is the purest and the noblest, the essence of taste.

Our History


From tradition to contemporary techniques

Passing on know-how

In 1946, Marcel Acat and his business partner Hugo Oller founded PROVA by developping the activities of a small workshop based on a unique extraction patent initiated before the war. Daniel, Marcel's son joined the adventure in 1961. A visionary and builder, he invested and innovated giving the company a new impetus to make it one of the world's leaders in vanilla extraction 40 years later.

Development and innovation

Thanks to expert knowledge of raw materials and an ongoing commitment to improve its industrial infrastructure, PROVA is perpetuating the spirit of its founder. United by a shared passion for authentic tastes and respect for the product, the next two generations are taking PROVA into the future: new production units, PROVA subsidiaries at the international level and an expanding portfolio of vanilla, cocoa, coffee and other sweet brown flavourings ranges and extracts.

Let's trace the essential of an history

1946Marcel Acat founds PROVA

Marcel Acat, PROVA's founding father, develops an original and unique technology of vanilla extraction suited for flavouring chocolate. The success is immediately on the cards.

1962Daniel Acat takes over the family business

With determination, modern vision and unfailing commitment to developing his father's business, he persuaded the banks to finance its most innovative projects. Gradually, PROVA is positioned as an expert on the vanilla market .

1973Prova's plant Inauguration in Autruy

Daniel ACAT continues to invest step by step in what will become an important production center for processing various raw materials covering 8,000 m2. The priority axis is oriented towards the extraction of cocoa and coffee, in addition to vanilla. This triad is the basis of PROVA range's architecture, available in many aromatic variations adapted to all types of applications.

1980Prova's range diversification

Coffee, cocoa and hazelnut are added to vanilla. The PROVA catalog gets gourmets and gastronomes' mouth watering. This search for new flavours has now become the cornerstone of the company's development.

1993Muriel Acat-Vergnet, Daniel Acat's daughter, joins the company

With a solid business training and an MBA from the United States, she infuses a brand new energy to the company.

1994American and German subsidiaries creation
1996Launch of Organic Certified Range

First on the market, this demonstrates once again our pioneer spirit.

2008Muriel Acat-Vergne is elected CEO

After being Managing Director for five years, the changeover from father to daughter ensures the best transmission of know-how and entrepreuneurship. However, Daniel Acat maintains its active presence as General Director. The will to perpetuate the family-owned business is well preserved.

2011Establishment of application laboratories around the world

PROVA continues to diversify its offer by expanding on 5 continents and in over 60 countries.

2012Inauguration of the new cocoa extraction unit
BRC Certification
Launch of a sustainable development project in Madagascar
2013Constitution of VDB (Vanille Durable Bemanevika) association
2014Creation of VDB (Vanille Durable Bemanevika) NGO in Madagascar

Prova around the world

years of experience
countries covered worldwide
% of revenue from export

An aromatic signature on 5 continents

What are the secrets of its international success ? A thorough knowledge of local tastes, consumption patterns and the gastronomic culture of individual countries. In addition to this, it boasts an effective distribution system via its subsidiaries and networks of agents, selected for their well-chosen locations, expertise in the sale of speciality products and locally based application laboratories and production sites.
PROVA has relocated its laboratories to different parts of the world in order to improve its effectiveness and get closer to the taste preferences of our various markets. PROVA now has labs in Asia, in North and South America and South Africa.

Ours Values


Savoir extraire l'essentiel: the promise of a unique know-how

A strong promise

The values ​which our know-how lies on are embedded in our identity since the beginning. More than a course of action, " Savoir extraire l'essentiel " is our promise to all of our stakeholders. At every stage of our intervention, it is the guarantee of an in-depth expertise and a perfect mastery of the transformation of our raw materials, a know-how at the heart of our business. But it is also, above all, the work of a committed and passionate team about their lines of businesses, free to act and responsible for their actions.

Offering the essential to customers

Constantly open to technological and cultural innovations, sources of inspiration, PROVA keeps on creating and developing to draw the essential from most of the flavours it works with. In pursuit of tastes recognized for their excellence and authenticity, PROVA offers adapted, relevant, and sometimes original solutions that are key to its success. And by being continuously attentive and proactive, we forge lasting relationships with our partners, customers and suppliers.

Long-term commitments

It starts with EXPERTISE, combining tradition and modernity. We pride ourselveson selecting our best raw materials, harmoniously binding decades of experience in extraction with the talents of our dedicated teams.

We believe in RESPONSIBLE FREEDOM. Committed and motivated, we sharpen our skills to get the most and the best out of our works.

Our hallmark is to uniquely SERVE each of our customers, with the aim of delivering the authentic taste much to their delight.

PASSION fuels all our actions. Creation from the heart makes great taste, enhances genuineness, therefore excellence.

• EXPERTISE is our foundation



• PASSION our momentum