Our commitments


Quality, rigor and excellence : 3 major commitments to our customers

Our commitments

Since its creation in 1946, PROVA forges strong relationships with all its customers. This daily accompaniment, involving the responsibility of the entire company, aims at anticipating their needs while providing them with quality products and services that are consistent with their highest expectations.

Quality relationship

Relationship quality and continuous improvement of services are at the heart of our requirements.

Faithful to its principles, PROVA's Executive Board is committing his company to a dynamic and efficient quality management system, revolving around customer satisfaction and responding to their concerns in terms of food safety, compliance with regulations, and environmental requirements. Our BRC certification materializes our approach in this particular context.

Aware of the challenges of a changing world, PROVA's Executive Board cares to maintain constant vigilance. Making things better and adapting to change are the foundations of its business plan: a progressive approach to a continuous improvement of the entire company while serving our stakeholders.

Programme Vanille Durable

As a major stakeholder in the vanilla sector, PROVA has always had a duty to take an interest in the work of the Malagasy farmers, who are the producers of our raw materials. Over time, this commitment has been formally developed and organised, resulting in the launch of a sustainable development project.

Since 2012, working longside AVABE, a vanilla planters’ association, and in partnership with our main vanilla supplier, we have been supporting an economically viable approach to vanilla production that respects resources and perpetuates good farming and preparation practices. At the same time, we are rolling out an economic and social programme intended to improve education, healthcare, nutrition and subsistence crops, through the NGO “Vanille Durable Bemanevika” (Bemanevika sustainable vanilla) whose influence extends to the villages where the AVABE planters are based.

Our objective is to enable the villagers and planters to become stakeholders in their own development, take ownership of these projects and ensure their long-term sustainability!